The right product for every industry


new possibilities and freedom for planers and architects thanks to ceramic coated wall panels by EURODECO CERAMIC. Whether on mineral or tin sheets, with EURODECO CERAMIC you will have a premier product available to you. The product combines impressing technical functionality, upscale look and feel and unforeseen decoration possibilities. Because of the A2, S1 and d0 certificates the EURODECO CERAMIC is a pioneer regarding to safety.


From simple and elegant to bold and progressive, you decide which way to go.

Dekor (Fire Micro Laminate)

It’s not that easy to combine the increasing standards to appealing indoor design with the constantly increasing fire codes. If the used materials are supposed to be mechanically loadable, e.g. as a wall cover, it finally gets complicated, unless you plan with EURODECO FML fire proof wall sheets from the start and benefit from them: almost unlimited color range, appealing decors, nice textures and of course certified fire safety according to code A2, s1, d0. As a certified partner of EGGER we are using the decors from their latest collection.


With EURODECO GLAS you are setting completely new and elegant accents which bestow an airy and chic ambience upon every room. Depending on your needs, rooms can be optically partitioned or extended. The wide array of application is compelling. EURODECO GLAS gives individual solutions to every aspect of the interior finish. On top of the vast variety in aspect to decoration, there is a multitude of possibilities for functionality. The color choices to your disposal will fulfill everyone’s desires and sets optical highlights.  Due to well-engineered process technology we can achieve a consistent and extensive diffusion of light and because of that an exceptionally harmonic experience. 

(High Pressure Laminate)

EURODECO HPL surfaces stand for a unique variety in color, decors and structures. Plain colors or deceptively real looking wood optics, matt or glossy, smooth or structured surface; almost anything is possible. Glued to the base absolutely secure, a highly interesting, super durable material with a vast usage variety is arising. The most frequent use is as a skirting and wall protection, because even after years of use functionality and aesthetics stay intact. The surfaces are easy to clean and maintain, light resistant, odorless and resistant to alcohol, organic solvents and water. 


No more compromises! Noble-looking real wood surfaces even where the statutory fire codes would make it seem impossible. Certified according to A2, s1, d the EURODECO REAL WOOD FIRE WALL offers the perfect syntheses between exclusive wall design and every increasing security measures. The big selection of real wood veneers result in new possibilities to give rooms, halls, and hallways a warm, comfortable and noble-looking look without making any compromises in regards to safety. EURODECO REAL WOOD FIRE WALL specifically captures the increasing want for naturality and authenticity.